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  1. Android [Hidden Content] iOS [Hidden Content] PC (é versão mobile também) [Hidden Content] A malta da CG está no Dark Exile e noutro servidor que depois informo. Quem anda a jogar isto? O que acham do jogo?
  2. É sempre bom recordar os velhos projetos, mas será que o conseguirás aguentar sendo que tens conhecimento 0 de metin2? Deverias arranjar 1/2 devs para trabalhar em novos sistemas, pelo que me lembro Portugália ficou parado no tempo em alguns sistemas . Vai dando feedback aqui no tópico, há malta que não usa facebook ;)
  3. Boas malta, Estou a vender conta no Misali, uma das contas tem full itemshop. Posso dar mais detalhes por discord, basta mandarem PM, mando print do itens :D Preço simbólico.
  4. Está have uma série de eventos devido ao Ramadão! Ramadan Day 1 = Football Activity Ramadan Day 2 = Ramadan Bagel Activity Ramadan Day 3 = Moonlight Chest Activity Ramadan Day 4 = Transformation sphere activity Ramadan Day 5 = %100 Drop Activity Ramadan Day 6 = Football Activity Ramadan Day 7 = Special Blacksmith Production Ramadan Day 8 = Enchantment Object Bot Activity Ramadan Day 9 = Weed Wheel Activity Ramadan Day 10 = Ramadan Bagel Activity Ramadan Day 11 = %100 Drop Activity Ramadan Day 12 = Special Blacksmith Production Ramadan Day 13 = Ramadan Bagel Activity Ramadan Day 14 = Special Fish Activity Sendo que hoje é o dia 10!
  5. Misali2 Anadolu Maintenance Details: - ESC / System Options / Effect Distance Feature is Active. When you move this distance to the far left, all effects are turned off. When you swipe to the far right, all effects are unlocked. - Increased Shout Time to 20 Seconds. There Is A Stream Of Players To Our Anatolian Server Above Our Expectations... We are aware that you can't keep up with the chat. We are increasing the Auto Shout and Shout chat duration to 20 Seconds. We plan to increase it up to 30-40 Seconds depending on the situation. If the increase beyond our expectations continues, we will turn off Auto Shout completely. If even this is not enough, we will set a computer limit on the Shout channel and players will only be able to write from shouting every 1 minute. Thank you for your great interest and concern. We are happy! - We are going to make instant interventions to the game. To be frank, instant interventions are the only reason Misali2 Game Services has been at the top for years. We are doing what we do best on our Anatolia server. We make instant interventions depending on the market trend. These Interventions are completely dependent on the course o the game. A healthy trade adds life to a healthy market game. In summary: We reserve the right to make instant interventions in Oyun Farm. We cannot provide players with any information on these changes. It is the job of amateurs to leave the game market alone. This is Misali2 Anadolu server and we will be together for many years. Even if you do not instantly understand the improvements we have already made, you can see the difference with a few hours of farming. In the same way, the instant decreases on the drops we make can be noticeable. - Demon's Tower Blacksmith Level Arrangement. In Devil's Tower Blacksmith Floor there is a minimum of 2 minutes wait requirement. However, the player who clicked first could take the players on that floor hostage for a long time. We are changing this feature. Now after 2 Minutes anyone can click on the Blacksmith and go to the next floor. 2 minutes is enough for you to do the upgrading process. Summary: The player who first clicked on the Blacksmith on the Blacksmith's Floor will no longer be able to make other players wait. - Grotto of Exile 1st floor Has Been Laid. Grotto of Exile will be opened on the 10th day in terms of the health of our server, as we have mentioned before. On Sunday, March 13, at 20:00(GMT+3), the entrance to the 1st Floor of the Exile Cave will be active. The 2nd floor of the Exile Cave will not be opened. The Mighty Ice Witch will emerge from the 6 Channels every 12 hours at the end of the 1st Floor of the Grotto of Exile. Its content will be shared with you on Sunday Evening. Misali2 Anadolu Calendar: - Itemshop content update at 23:59 Tonight. - Tonight at 23:59 30% Happy Hours Event. The 30% Happy Hours will continue until 17:00 on Monday evening. - At 23:59 Tonight, +6 Accessory Item drop on Level 86+ will be active in the Red Forest area. - Devil's Catacombs entrances will be active at 21:00 on Friday Evening. It will be the official system. You will be able to learn its contents on Friday Evening. - On Friday, at 22:00, there will be a Soccer Ball Event as the second event of our server. The event is 1 hour.
  6. Usa o google translate , se precisares de ajuda diz-me. Sim server tem tido 20-30k online ao mesmo tempo.. damn
  7. Website || Registar || Discord Registos de Manutenção 7 / 03 / 2022
  8. Boas, Sura Armas é Sempre full DMG Stats: Int + Dex = Dano ao Hit Int + Str = Dano à Habilidade. Em termos de itens é muito váriável, usas o set dh e o dm e é fazendo testes.
  9. Bem vindo à Comunidade.
  10. Posso saber o motivo de venda? Btw, conta parece ter uns bons itens.