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  1. Bem-vindo à comunidade Cyber-Gamers!
  2. Kimetsu - Unleash your demon | Matchless Newschool Website Discord Apresentaçao
  3. Maraya2 - Terra aventuris ultima | 29.04.2023 | International Newschool What kind of server is Maraya2 and what is the maximum level? We are a newschool server with the max level of 160. Will it be a pure PvM server? No, the concept is designed to be quite enjoyable and rewarding, you will feel progress very fast and smooth. After few hours of farming time you will be able to duel and compete in open PvP. Guild war tournaments, PvP toplist and PvP tournaments will also be held regularly! Will there be PvP Equipment in the itemshop? No, there will not be PvP Equipment in the itemshop. How is the gameplay structured? Maraya2 is built in a way that it feels comfortable to farm with a lot of progress feeling and quality of life. The server is heavily PvP based and there will also be open world bosses needed for PvP EQ. You can also farm them through runs but it will be harder. it will also have a lot of PvP events. On Maraya2 you can farm many cosmetic items (Costumes / Shinings / Wings). What about content updates. Has anything already been prepared so that players won't have to wait long? A content update has already been created, so stay tuned. Will there be an invite event? Yes, we will be launching an Invite Event. Will there also be regular Discord giveaways? Yes, there will be giveaways as well. Will there be events that are not only "Search for GM" or "OX-Event"? Yes, there will be several events of our own, where whole maps and dungeons will be built in with their own crafting etc. (unique items). Does Maraya2 support multiple languages? Yes, we are supporting - German, English, France, Italy, Polish & Portuguese. Website Discord Apresentaçao
  5. Big_Z

    Box Android Tv

    era isso mesmo que queria saber
  6. Big_Z

    Box Android Tv

    @morfo2 reparei alguns comentarios acerca de que o chromecast nao carrega atravez das portas usb é verdade?
  7. Big_Z

    Box Android Tv

    impecavel obrigada
  8. Big_Z

    Box Android Tv

    Boas Preciso que de comprar uma box android para a Tv , dentro de 50$ o que se pode arranjar?