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Found 8 results

  1. A pleasure to meet you dear reader! Today I come with the Dark Knight project which had been postulated for a personal project that was forgotten, so today I have decided to sell it completely! THE SALE INCLUDES: Web Design (Plus animation) Forum Design (Custom Theme for Woltlab Suite) Launcher (Own C# Code + PSD + Animation) Logo (Editable PSD) Website coded + Admin Panel (Own PHP-Laravel Code) -- The project is fully coded, fully functional and ready to use! -- Previews (Click for full preview) For demos and more information, please contact with me through Discord Fregion#3615
  3. Link da Apresentação: [Hidden Content] Contato... Discord: xSachi#4832 Facebook: [Hidden Content] -Baixar e Testar- Download: [Hidden Content] Contas Salvas. id: admin1 pass: 12345678 id: admin2 pass: 12345678 id: admin3 pass: 12345678 id: admin4 pass: 12345678 id: admin5 pass: 12345678 id: admin6 pass: 12345678
  4. Hi Cyberianos Community I'm Edson, i usually i call myself Wered, i am Venezuelan 22 years old, i come to offer services of graphic design in 2D, web development, interface development and sell some odd jobs, i have more or less about 5 years of experience, i have had the opportunity to present some of my previous work in the community, i offer any services related to: Creating and editing websites. (PSD-HTML-CSS-JS-PHP-MYSQL) Creating and editing templates for forums Wbb 3.1, 4.1, 5.1 or Suite Core 3.1. Creating presentations, banners, screenshots, gamescreens, logotype. Creating banners with any dimension. Creating and editing interfaces Python&PSD (LoginWindow - CreateWindow - SelectCharacterWindow - SelectEmpireWindow - UI Ingame). And more. My DeviantArt. [Hidden Content] Ashe of Éden - Webdesign NON-EXCLUSIVE for sale. OFFER! for the purchase of the site you will take for free: Site Redesign 2.0 Enterpage beta design and code. Style WBB 4.0 Patcher design and source code. All ready. PS: I decide to change its status from exclusive to non-exclusive because in the long published time it was not possible to sell, so it will be available at a low cost along with the mentioned works. On DeviantART: [Hidden Content]art/Ashe-of-Eden-New-Webdesign-Template-645416167 Price: Ask for Skype. Logotype: Editable. Sales & services. WEBDESIGNS (NEW december 04 2018) LOGOTYPES (NEW december 04 2018) GAMESCREENS (NEW december 04 2018) BANNERS (NEW december 04 2018) BANNERS (NEW december 04 2018) UI INTERFACES (NEW december 04 2018) My contacts: Email: [email protected] Skype: Weredcase Discord: Wered#8875 Best regards. Wered PS: Sorry for my bad English.
  5. Hello, I'm Selling my OWN version of Asda2 Server Files The Old post was deleted i don't know why so now i posted this Before we start : the Asda2 server files was posted by Aljundi.. there was somethings fixed Asda2 Development Project But still there are some items and systems bugged some are removed, some are there but not working, some just there but as an empty codes...etc so I'm going to inform you about what is done by them[The Original] and what i did[What I'm selling] The Original Files Features : 1- Login Working 2- Login to map Working 3- Movement Working 4- Monsters and NPCs 5- Shops,Warehouse+Avatar Warehouse,Blacksmith and all NPCs 6- items working(except few [events items]) 7- leveling system 8- chat system 9- chat rooms system 10- classes working + the return of Ballista class 11- pet system 12- Inventory / Gear Working 13- Private Shops 14- Items Crafting + Upgrading + Repairing 15- Avatar System 16- Mounts and vehicle Working 17- Sowels fixed 18- Titles System 19- Soulmate System 20- Disassembly System 21- Digging System 22- Fishing System 24- Guild System Working 25- Faction War Working 26- Mail System 27- Skills System Now My Files Features : 1- added new pets 2- fixed upgrade reset 3- fixed items sealing 4- added /fixed Gacha Lucky Machine 5- fixed Pet Evolution 6- fixed Random Pet Synthesis 7- fixed City Guards Buff 8- fixed Name change scroll 9- fixed Gender change scroll 10- fixed all skills reset scroll 11- fixed pet ongoing food 12- fixed pet exp boost 13- added profession commands 14- fixed XO Quiz event + added Commands to it(until fixing the NPCs) 15- fixed the guild war + added guild war shop 16- fixed the daily attendance system 17- fixed Sowel protect scroll 18- added Upgrade Save/Transfer System /////////////////////////////////////// 2 Days ago i finished the #18 ( Upgrade Save/Transfer System ) with help of an Arab Friend and i don't think that there is someone did that except me and my friend for people who don't know what that system is : if you played Asda Story (aka. Asda1) you should know what is this system if you didn't know what is this system, this system works like this in Asda1 And in Asda2 - Asda1 (upgrade limit 181+) if you have weapon lets say upgraded to 111+ and you got new weapon and want to upgrade it without wasting time, money, stones ...etc you just disassemble the old weapon(which is 111+) and it will give you an upgrade gem you can use it to upgrade the new weapon to 111+ .. for asda2 the only difference is the upgrade limit is 20+ but you can edit that to 181+ and more /////////////////////////////////////// Ok now if you want to buy the files just contact me on skype :) Skype : mailo170 and ready to answer any question :) *PS: Screenshots are from my Arabian friend, so he used an arabic client SCREENSHOTS :
  6. Boas meu caros amigos/as/travesti/etc... Tenho um colega meu que tem uma conta Steam apenas com o CS GO e eu estava a pensar comprar. Qual seria um preço justo para a conta tendo em conta que não tem Prime, nenhumas skins, 40h de jogo, steam level 2, 1 ano de serviço, quando estava ativa era gold 4 agora já não tem. 7€?
  7. BOAS CYBERIANOS! CONTA DE LOL COM: * 100 CHAMPIONS [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] * SKINS - Foxfire Ahri- All-Star Akali- Freljord Ashe - iBlitzcrank - Mr.Mundoverse - Mundo Mundo - Death Blossom Elise - DreadKnight Garen - Frostblade Irelia - Dragonslayer Jarvan IV - Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV - Angler Jax - Full Metal Jayce- Debonair Jayce- Traditional Karma- Mecha Kha'zix - Muay Thai Lee Sin - Marble Malphite - Samurai Yi - Galactic Renekton - Redeemed Riven- Battle Bunny Riven - Crimson Elite Riven - Uncle Ryze - Frozen Shen - Atlantean Syndra - Tango Twisted Fate - Arclight Varus - Shockblade Zed * 3 PÁGINAS DE RUNES Base: 10€+ Informações, PM!! Ou Skype: diogo.silva343