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  1. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.2 News - Guild Ranking (F8); - State Of Emergency Event; Fixs - Vote4us bonus fix; - Biologist quests bonus fix; 'Stage of Emergency' Event - This event will be active since the 26th until the 1st of April; - The craft of items obtained in this event will be available until the 2nd of April; - All the monsters will drop “Virus”, with those you will be able to craft some new items in your the NPC Cherie; - Dungeons Bosses will drop "Quarantine Chest" while this event is active; Special Days - 26th of March from 19:00 until 23:00 – 30% Bonus experience (GMT+0); - 27th of March from 19:00 until 21:00 – 15% Bonus drop (GMT+0); - 28th of March from 19:00 until 23:00 – 30% Bonus experience (GMT+0); - 29th of March from 19:00 until 21:00 – 15% Bonus drop (GMT+0); - 30th of March from 19:00 until 23:00 – 30% Bonus experience (GMT+0); - 1st of April from 19:00 until 21:00 – 15% Bonus drop; Item-shop - New Weapon skins; - New Costumes; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  2. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.1 News - Shakma Run (Guild) is now available you can access it in the desert map (Middle). You need every race for this dungeon; - Meley Run (Guild) is now available you can access it in the fire map (Middle); - Guild Alchemy is now available. Stones available: Fire, Earth; Updates - Added new items: Enchant Alchemy / Reinforce Alchemy / Blessing Marble (Alchemy) / Guild Fragment; - You can now drop "Fire Shard" on Razador and Mighty Fire Dragon (World boss); - You can now drop "Earth Shard" on Forest; - You can now craft: Enchant Alchemy / Reinforce Alchemy / Blessing Marble (Alchemy) with Guild Fragment in the guardian of a city; - New bonus added to the game: Percentage of Critical Damage, available in the Guild Earth Alchemy for now; - Updated Guild Alchemy Bonus; - Updated Guild Alchemy Windows Visual; - Updated the icons for the Guild Alchemy Stones; - Updated the icons for the Guild Alchemy Fragments; - Buffed the berserker skill on PVM pets; PVP Balance - Shaman Healer: Skills Damage slightly increased; - Shaman Dragon: Skills Damage slightly increased; - Weapon Sura: Skills Damage slightly increased; - Magic Sura: Skills Damage slightly increased; - Ninja Archer: Skills Damage slightly increased; - Ninja Dagger: Insidious Poison damage increased; - Horse Skills: Damage decreased; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  3. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.1.4 Fixs - Fixed a bug with the pet from the pet system where sometimes it would double the effect; - Fixed a bug with the group; - Fixed a bug with the leadership; - Fixed a bug where you couldn't delete your character; - Fixed a bug where you could mount the normal horse while in pvp; - Fixed a visual timer bug with exorcism scroll and concentrated reading; - Fixed a visual bug with the pet skins; Updates - You can now use the switchbot with red switchers; - You can now directly PM a player by clicking in his name in the chat; - You can now switch between day and night in the game options; - You can now hide the shops in the game options; - You no longer need to drag an equipment to "Jae-Seon kim" to open his craft; - You now need to wait 24hours to use the item "vote-ticket" to prevent you from using double bonus; - Added the Ring of Successor in the General Store. You can now change guild leader; - Vote-tickets are now giving the currect time, from 12h to 24h; - Updated a lot of translations for every language available; - You can now craft 1x Fruit of Life with 50x Zen-Beans at the BlackSmith; - Level 115 metinstones have now better droprates; - It now shows the possible hotkeys you can use with items Example: View chests (Ctrl + RightClick); Next Patch - Guild Dungeons; - Guild Alchemy; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  4. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.1.3 Event Reminder - Today there will be a +15% drop event from 19:00 to 22:59 GMT+0; - The Carnival Event will also end today at 22:59 GMT+0 and the craft will be turned off tomorrow at 22:59 GMT+0, this will all happen automatically; News - During the day we will implement the system vote4buff in our website. After voting you will receive a vote ticket on your item-shop safebox. You can then choose between: +10% Monsters, +10% Metins, +1000 HP, +10% Exp Bonus; Updates - You can now search items in all languages not just in english; - Pets are now hidding currectly; - Now you need to wait 5 Seconds to search an item again instead of 15 seconds; - A lot of item descriptions corrections in all languages; - A lot of quest text corrections for all languages; - Updated the Frozen Dragon boss model and textures; - You can now craft Stone of Ignore+4 at Deokbae; - You can now craft God Crystal/Ruby/Garnet/Emerald/Sapphire at Deokbae; - You can now buy God Crystal/Ruby/Garnet/Emerald/Sapphire ores at Deokbae; Next patches - Nexus2 History Quests (Chapter I); - Daily events (We appreciate suggestions); - World bosses adjustments; - a lot of pvp balance (Skills/Items etc); - and a whole lot more; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  5. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.1.2 News - We have some good news for you. As you may know in some countries, this is the season for Carnival so we decided to surprise you with a special event; - Carnival event; - This event will be active since the 25th until the 1st of March; - The craft of items obtained in this event will be available until the 2nd of March; - All the monsters will drop “Flags”, with those flags you will be able to craft some new items in your favorite NPC, Cherie; - Dungeons Bosses will drop Carnival Chest while this event is active; - Special Days; - 25th of February from 19:00 until 21:00 – 15% Bonus drop (GMT+0); - 26th of February from 19:00 until 23:00 – 30% Bonus experience (GMT+0); - 28th of February from 19:00 until 23:00 – 30% Bonus experience (GMT+0); - 1st of March from 19:00 until 21:00 – 15% Bonus drop; - Item-shop; - New Weapon skins – Get ready for some deadly looking Weapon skins! - New Costumes – Are you feeling fashionable? Updates - World Bosses are now fully functional, they will be announced in the Call Chat 30 mins before and at the time of the spawn, be ready; - You can now craft Battle lion/Rufus permanent mount and pet in the Stable boy; - You will need a permanent costume stone (Low), you can get this item from the Gaya shop; - You can now craft permanent gems at Deokbae; - Permanent ores give will give you increased bonus; - You can now craft Ore elixir at Deokbae; - Metins and Bosses from lv.90 maps now drop piece of broken stone high; - You can now drop a Soul Ritual Stone from Orc Maze, Desert Ruins and Baroness, this will give you and additional 10% chance of success on upgrading your items and they won’t downgrade if they fail. This item can only be used in items up to Lv.70; - You can now obtain a Stone of Ignore+5 from world bosses. This store will provide you a chance to ignore some of your opponent’s chance to block close combat hits; - Medium Level Bosses (Flame King, Nine Tails, Yellow Tiger Ghost etc.) drops have been reworked; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  6. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.1.1 News -The World Bosses, Red Dragon and Mighty Ice Witch have arrived; * They will spawn at 6:00 / 14:00 / 22:00 everyday; * They will spawn one at a time, always switching at each spawn (Dragon, Witch, Dragon, Witch etc..); * You can access it via teleportation ring, new maps ( Fire Chambers and Ice Chambers); * Minimum level to access the map is Lv.90; - Stones +5 have been added to the game, this is a RARE loot, they can only be obtained through the World Bosses or the World Bosses chests; Fixes - Fixed the search shop button in the system bar, you can now use it without issues; - Fixed a problem where sometimes you would get stuck inside another player’s dungeon; - You can now show alchemy in the chat/private messages. (Alt +LMB); Updates - Removed the collision with mounts and pets; - Increased the hp of metin stones inside dungeons; - Highest Damage/Run Time/Completed Rankings will now only be recorded for the group leader (If you're in a group); - Talisman Bonus now work against metin stones inside the dungeons; - You can now teleport to your kingdom biologist with the Teleport ring; - Changed the teleport to Grotto of Exile, if you are not level 75+ you will be teleported to the entrance and if above Lv.75, inside the grotto; - You can now use koe-puong to enter the grotto as well; - Dungeon Bosses now drop Normal Pearl Chest and Color Pearl Chest; - Rufus/Rings/Mounts from gaya you get from low level dungeons are now tradable; - Increased the hp of the metin stones from Lv.90 maps; - Increased the drop of Piece of Copper, Silver and Gold/Energy fragments/Piece of broken stone/Cor Draconis in the metin stones from Lv.90 maps. Loot Escalates the high the Lv. of the metin stone; * Lv. 105 Metin - 1 Draconis + High Chance to drop a 2nd cor draconis; * Lv. 110 Metin - 1 Draconis + Higher Chance to drop 2nd cor draconis; * Lv. 115 - Metin – Always drops 2 cor draconis; - Changed the level of the Lv.105 PVM armor from 104 at +7 to 103; New icons added for permanent dews/dragon god items; Next patch Info - New bonus that ignores the "chance of blocking a physical attack" will be added to the game. (Stone Bonus); - Shaman skill damage increased; - Option to make rufus/lion and other mounts that are obtainable in game permanent; - Permanent Ores: - New low level improvements; - More gameplay balances; - and a whole lot more; Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  7. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.1.0 News - New Switchbot; - New Cube system, you can now craft everything you want with one simple click. Fixes - Fixed bug where the effect of items like Dragon God Items/Dews etc would disappear after dying in PVP; - Fixed bug where some skills bonus would activate on top of the current bonus, doubling it for some time; - Fixed bug where you couldn't leave or delete your guild; - Fixed Valentine Weapon Voucher Skin for Warrior; - Fixed bug where dark protection and strong body wouldn't disappear after getting successfully dispelled; - Fixed bug where some the alchemy would stay invisible after using the "craft all" button; - Fixed bug with leadership, you can now give yourself the leadership bonus; - Fixed bug where sometimes you couldn't reenter the dungeon while in a group; - Fixed bug issues in Forest Dungeon; - Fixed Pet Slot Expansion icon; - Fixed Bosses spawn in Guatama Cliff. Updates - Dungeon timers/damages have been reset due to the double skill affect bug; - You can now drop Red Researcher’s Elixir in Razador and Nemere Chests (Used for level 96+ bio quests); - Szels and Ignators now have drops; - Increased the chance to get cor draconis from Lv.90 metinstones; - Level 90 Maps metins now only drop 1x Cor Draconis with the chance of getting a second cor draconis; - Updated Azrael Medium/Hard, Nemere Hard and Razador Medium - Dagger/Bell defenses so Ninjas/Shamans are able to do a bit more damage; - Tartaros Medium and Hard changed to level 100, so high level players can have drops as well; - Ritual Stone is now stackable and negotiable; - You can now craft a pet slot expansion with 2.000 Inventory Slot Expansions at blacksmith; - Removed the drop of Inventory Expansion in high/medium level dungeon boss chest; - Dragon Shaman buffs now show a red color when they reach more than 60%; - If you poison a Boss it's HP bar now changes to green; - Time/FPS/Ping, information now shows below the minimap; - Added new biologist quest for level 96. You can check the wiki for more info; - Added new biologist quest for level 100. You can check the wiki for more info; - Added new biologist quest for level 105. You can check the wiki for more info. Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  8. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.9 We’re happy to announce that the Valentine’s event has officially started! Find all the information regarding to the event here. Fixes - Fixed Desert Ruins final boss animations; - Fixed pickup break/freeze, when you had too many stacks of something in the special inventory; - Fixed more icons in game; - Fixed character crash, that would kick you character when you tried to open more than 135 Enchant item chests. Updates - Every boss will now spawn with fixed times, at the start of every hour, half hour, accordingly; Example: If it’s a boss that spawns every 30 minutes: - It will spawn at 12:00, 12:30, 13:00, continuously every 30 minutes; (Only if the previous one is killed); - If a boss spawned at 10:00 and you only kill it at 10:28, then the next one will spawn at 10:30; - If the server opens at 9:48h, and you kill the boss at 9:49h it will spawn another one at 10:00, 10:30 and 11:00. - Updated the icon of Dragon God Chest; - Lowered the drop of the Ring of Deadly Power; - Azrael no longer drops soul crystal acessories, you can still get it from Desert Ruins and Orc Maze, this has been done in order to balance the economy between Low and High Level. Azrael Drops will be changed in the future, so that Dungeon doesn’t become obsolete; - Increased the change of dropping Level 94 Jewels for the Seon-Pyeong quest; - 61 Shields removed from the Big Forest Dungeon; - Piece of Copper/Silver/Gold/Sapphire/Ruby are now tradable, you can now pick them while in a group as well. Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  9. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.8 Fixs - Fixed some problems with dungeon re-entry; - Fixed a character bug that couldn't let you enter the game; - Fixed italian item translations; - Removed country flag system until we fix the crashs that are caused by the system; - Fixed a bug with gaya shop that wouldn't show the correct items. Updates - It now shows properly the channel you were when you try to re-entry a dungeon; - You can now sell stones to a NPC; * Stones +0: 25k each. * Stones +1: 50k each. * Stones +2: 75k each. * Stones +3: 150k each. * Stones +4: 2.5kk each. - Lowered the yang needed to upgrade level 54 and 60 acessories; - You can now trade a talisman +0 for a chest talisman in the npc Taurean located in the ruined city, this is in case you opened a talisman chest by mistake; - You can now drop piece of broken stone in metins level 90+; - Fixed a problem where you couldn't use the Black Research Elixir; - Implemented a stone that allows you to choose again the rewards from Seon-Pyeong quests, you can obtain in Azrael/Razador/Nemere and in the Item-shop. We will focus in solving the most important bugs in the next days, before we implement guild dungeons/world bosses/guild alchemy. Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  10. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.7 News - New offline shop (FAQ [Hidden Content]); You can now search and buy in every map; You can now give an offer for an item that is in an offline shop; You can now start an auction (You can't stop one); There is now a better search shop. - Every shop has been closed; - You can find the items from your shop on "Safebox" inside the new Offline Shop system. Fixed - Fixed a problem where some pet skins were giving bonus that weren't suposed to give; - Suras taken damage from Boss's. Updates - You can now check the country of a player next to his nickname; - Changed the location of the NPC in the Devil Catacombs first floor; - Changed Level 92 Bio: It's now 2 Hours to deliver, and raised the chance of success; - Changed Level 94 Bio: It's now 3 Hours to deliver, and raised the chance of success; - You can now use Black Researcher's Elixir in the Level 92 and 94 Biologist quests; - Changed 90 Maps bosses level from 110 to 120, to give better drops. Extras - This is an important patch so we will be aware of any new bugs that can come with the new Offline Shop system! - We this patch we can finally focus on fix the last bugs that have been reported and new updates! Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  11. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.6 Fixs - Fixed a problem in all dungeons, where you couldn't reenter a dungeon when you were solo; - Fixed a problem in the Extra Stage of Razador; - Fixed Bernie and Blue Barry skin mount; - Fixed the bonus for warrior pvm 105+9 Armor. Updates - You can now reset the timer of biologist quests with; - Biologist Potion I - For quests Level 60 to Level 90. Drops in all dungeons besides Razador/Nemere/Demon Tower; - Biologist Potion II - For quests Level 92. Drops in Beran-Setaou, Normal Ice Witch; - Biologist Potion III - For quests Level 94. Drops in Beran-Setaou, Normal Ice Witch; - Biologist Potion IV - For quests Level 96. Drops in Beran-Setaou, Normal Ice Witch; - Biologist Potion V - For quests Level 100+. Drops in Razador/Nemere. - You can now drop leader notes in all bosses of level 90 maps; - Removed the drop of leader notes in low level bosses; - Adjusted the delivering time/drop rates for level 92 and 94 Biologist; - You can now craft a Ritual Stone in the Blacksmith, it works in items from Level 1 to 105; - Removed the drop of the Level 50 bio stone from the first metin in devil tower; - Normal Ice Witch spawn time changed from 60minutes to 120minutes; - You can now drop Magic Stone and Stone of Metin+4 in the Normal Ice Witch. Next Patchs - New offline shop system; - New features on Multilanguage system. Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  12. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.5 Fixs - Fixed a problem where your client would crash/lag/freeze while using the search shop; - Fixed a bug with the damage saving inside the dungeons; - Fixed a bug where you could use time bottles in maps other than the first citys; - Fixed a bug where the winter mounts would make you rollback; - Fixed a problem where you couldn't leave your guild; - Fixed the upgrade needed from +8 to +9 in level 80 helms; - Fixed the Titan Shield upgrade. Updates - You can now reentry the dungeon you were in, you have a max of 5 Minutes to reentry every time you leave.; * Also if you get stuck somewhere, you can just teleport with F8 and entry the (same) dungeon again. - You can now change the language of your client to: CZ,DE,EN,ES,HU,IT,PL,PT,RO,TR; * Missing translations will automatically be in english; ** Some descriptions may be missing; *** Translations will be improved each patch. - You now can stack Ring of Will Power with any other rings; - You no longer need to clear the monsters after delivering the 100x Scorpion poisons in desert ruins; - Flame stone and Ice Flame Stone drop changed to 100% in Razador/Nemere; - Updated Nemere/Razador Hard and Extra drops.; - Reviewed again the Resistances of Forest/Nemere/Razador; - You can now craft Enchant Item Chest (Since there was a problem last patch); - Changed extras of Level 80-90 Armor from 5% Monsters to 10% Monsters at +9, 90-105 PVM Armor now gives 10% Max HP, 15% Monsters, 5% Metins at +9; - You can now craft Stone of Metins+4 in Daokbae. You need Stone of Haste+4/Stone of Defense+4/Stone of Ducking+4 and 25 Piece of Stone; - You can now trade Excellent Mythic Alchemy stones for Brilliant Mythic Alchemy stones at the Alchemist; - Winter Event: Raised the Probability of Magic Stone drop; - You can now teleport to the Ruined City (Neutral City) in the Warp Ring, the use of it will be revealed in the next patchs; - Forest Semi-bosses are now level 105, and metin stones are also level 105; - Pet food is now tradable and storable (It wont be stackable); - Removed the quest that would give one Energy Crystal for 30 Energy Fragments; - Removed the drop of Upgrade Chest III of the Level 90 Maps bosses; - Titan Shield now asks Piece of Fabric Normal instead of Piece of Fabric+; - Removed any king of insult filtering in the chat (If you have any problem you can report a player to a GameMaster/discord/support ticket). Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  13. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 1.0.4 Fixes - Fixed Gaya Amulet of Eternal Love; - Poison no longer counts for dungeon ranking damage; - Fixed Christmas costumes and hairstyles, you can now add bonus to them; - Level 80 Armors and Azrael Costumes now have the correct textures; - Ice witch is now level 105; - Charon H. - Now drops 1x Shrunken Head; - Tartaros M. and Tartaros H. drops added; - Razador and Nemere now have the right resistances; - Changed the Level of the 90 maps bosses to Lv.110; - Now you only need to clear one round of monsters in the first stage of the Desert Ruins; - Removed ranged monsters in the first stages of the Desert Ruins; Updates - Updated Soul Crystal Equipments: - Soul Crystal Earrings: Now gives +12STR +12INT +7% Metins instead of +10STR +10INT +5% Metins at +9; - Soul Crystal Bracelet: Now gives Strong against Monsters +7% instead of +5% at +9; - Soul Crystal Necklace: Now gives Strong against Bosses +7% instead of +5% at +9; - Updated God Crystal Equipments: - God Crystal Earrings: Now gives +14STR|+14INT|+15% Metins instead of +12STR|+12INT|+10% Metins at +9; - God Crystal Bracelet: Now gives Strong against Monsters +15% instead of +10% at +9; - God Crystal Necklace: Now gives Strong against Bosses +15% instead of +10% at +9; - Changed the craft of the sashes, now you need: - 20x Fine Cloths + Yellow Dye (Sash) for a 1% Master Sash (Basic); - 20x Fine Cloths + Red Dye (Sash) for a 1% Lord Sash (Basic); - 20x Fine Cloths + Blue Dye (Sash) for a 1% Sovereign Sash (Basic); - 20x Fine Cloths + White Dye (Sash) for a 1% Royal Sash (Basic); - Magic Iron Ore has a different color now; - New icons for Dragon God Items, Flower Chests and chests of darkness; - Implemented a new chest you can craft with the amount with of 200 enchant items; - You can now trade 200x Enchant Items for a Enchant item chest at the Blacksmith; - You can now open Enchant Item Chests, contains 200x Enchant Items; - Removed basic sash from chest of darkness, it now drops a bigger amount of Fine Cloths; - Raised the number of Fine Cloths in chests of darkness to x25. - Yellow Dye (Sash) drops in normal bosses, and low level dungeons; - Red Dye (Sash), Blue Dye (Sash), White Dye (Sash) can be obtained in Level 90 Maps; - Duration of Energy Crystal changed from 2hours to 30min; - Dragon God Permanent Items changed from 20% to 25% bonus; (Defense, Attack, Monters and HP); - Ring of Deadly Power(+500 HP, +5% Monsters, +5% Experience,+5% Strength against Metins) * now drops in Orc Maze, Desert Ruins and Spider Nest. Client languages [CZ,DE,EN,ES,HU,IT,PL,PT,RO,TR] will be available in the next patch! Next updates will be focused on guild dungeons, world bosses and of course more gameplay improvings, stay tuned! Tip: You can Shift+Right Click, to add a costum description to your item. This helps you save boss locations with Scroll of Location. Enjoy your weekend, Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  14. Hello @everyone, - Server seems to be working smoothly right now; - Server crashs are not happening anymore, major and minor bugs have been fixed; - We are finally working on client crashs and we expect to have it fix between today and tomorrow; - We already did some changes and we can verify that clients are not crashing so many times right now (You can run patcher if you don't have the last version); - Paypal has been removed for some hours, tomorrow will be back online. Thank you all for your patient, we will keep working hard. Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  15. Boas, Escrevi no post anterior, sairá nos próximos dias a data, 2/3 dias. Cumprimentos