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  1. Taking into account many of the ideas and suggestions we have received from users, and from users who had stopped playing we have made this update. So I encourage all those who left him and those who have not yet played to try it since it is quite different from the beginning: - The Basic Rates have been increased and the Weekend Rates are Special. - PvM missions of EXP up to level 200. (They can be achieved by killing mobs, and activate it at any time, you can only have one active) - The exp bonus in Group has been increased. - Reduced the time of Spawn of the Metins. - Increased maximum level to 225 -- 5 new levels dungeons. (They are dungeons to level up) (I recommend not using the dogs mode since they are quite cool, if you have problems then try with dogs mode :( -- The PvM Level has been increase to level 225. -- The evolution of the elementary rings and the creation of the final ring have been added. (PvM Store / Craft F5) -- The level of the Stones has been increased to Auko. -- The necessary Minerals and Refined Products have been successfully added. - Recovered Old Cities. - The maximum PvM block has been increased to 125. (Instead of 100) - The difficulty of PvM Chiefs has been increased. - Gold Event. (They can be seen in the Events window.) - Dragon event. - 2 new PvM titles. (PvM Store) - Increased the ease of obtaining points in Crystal. - Added a new weapon defense bonus to the shield. - Fixed a bug with the Swirls skill of the Shaman. - Added remaining time to the Yang Currency (Item). Christmas (06/12 - 08/01) It will be explained more extensively in another post. - The appearance of all the metins has been changed.) (By killing a monster or metin with a difference of 40 levels you can get) - Socks (Fixed Event) - Snowflake (Sporadic Event) (Can be seen in the event window) - Sweet Coal (Sporadic Event) (Metins) - Christmas tree in the city, you can exchange 10 socks. - With sugar, snowflakes and sweet coal you can buy things, all three open a shop. - On 12/20, the second part of the Christmas event will be set. Upcoming updates or content thought: - Raids (Dungeons) - Extra level dungeon. - Rework of Guilds. - 2 new PvP events. - 2 new PvM events. - 2 Special Dungeons. - Mining - Fishing
  2. Updates 21/09/2019 - Changed the system of hiding costumes, for a simpler one. - Fixed problem with dyes. (They are transmutable) - Added the content to the referral gift, in case you were invited by someone. - Fixed problem with married heart icon. - Added an ingame ranking in the NPC games. - Fixed the problem with which Vote4Coins in the game expelled you. - Fixed problem with changing equipment, which did not let you add items. - Added the potion of resistance bosses in F5. - Fixed issue of 6/7 bonus stacks. - Bonuses of all pets have been changed. (The attack value has been removed and replaced by elemental damage in some). - Added pet bonuses and core mounts. F5 - Increased the drop of Monkeys and Azrael. - Increased guild space and reduced the maximum level to 40. - Added a new PvP Map design. (Beta, there are still tweaking things about portals etc.) - The Captcha has been added again in the PvM maps, some errors that it caused have also been corrected. - PvP -- Increased maximum life. -- PvP pet bonuses have been changed, increasing states and adding spell speed. Updates 23/09/2019 - Fixed mount ascent item. - Fixed problem with config.exe, if it still cannot be opened, open it with administrator. - Fixed a problem with status points, if someone does not have 90 base when uploading all of them, use the book to reset. - Drop arrows have been added to bosses. - Fixed a problem when duel with someone transformed. - PvP -- A complete review of the PvP has been made, new formulas have been made for all skills. -- Critical damage in PvP has been reduced from x2 to x1.8 -- Changed the bonus of penetration of the earrings by spell speed. -- We will continue retouching the PvP these days. Updates 26/09/2019 - Fixed some issues with the F8 wiki - Now you can also crack stone dust in F5. - Fixed some problems with the dungeons. - Books of horse's abilities added. (Box of book 3 and 4) (It is necessary to have the level of the horse at 21) - The drop of medals is now the same as that of keys. (Monkeys) Updates 30/09/2019 - Increased the maximum level to 170. -- 3 new maps available. -- Arbolea and Zeldon activated. -- Tier 3 available. -- Stones up to +8 available. - Increased damage of horse skills. - Fixed a problem with the horse skill book. - The more level of the horse the more damage you do. - A PvP debuff applied to the PvM equipment. - Now the probability of poisoning skills is 100%. (From the poisoning ability of each race) - Updated the PvP map. - Now if you have 71% of critics you will always do a critic in PvP, this limit will increase as more critics can be obtained. - Fixed a problem with tanakas ears. - Fixed all guild wars. Updates 09/10/2019 - Battle Pass - Added descriptions to some items. - Operational OX event. - PvP costumes have been added for craft. - You can no longer give auras (shaman) to another in the event. - Fixed visual error guild skills. - You can change color some costumes. (Mirine) - Fixed a problem with the transmutation of pets. - Fixed problem with linked changes. There will be another revision of the pvp these days. BattlePass 09/10 - 13/11 The battle pass has special missions every week, each mission will grant you a series of rewards. There are normal missions and premiums. To complete the premiums you need the Pass Ticket that can be obtained in the itemshop for 1000 Mds. But you can also get half the rewards of the pass with normal missions. The total pass value is approximately 2000 Mds. You can see the rewards in the game in the rewards section:
  3. Update 10/09/2019 - Fixed the problem with creating the guild. - Removed the PvP from the waiting map for dungeons. - Now the states increase 4 at a time, since the intuition of many to be sura or shaman, thinks that it is best to raise Int but this greatly worsens the damage you do in PvM (The points of the whole chars have been reset , you have to apply them again) - The Auko now appear every 4 minutes instead of every 6. - Fixed a problem with market texts and stack of items when buying. - The damage bonus of all characters has been increased and those using aura leveled. - The damage of baroness and tower demons has been reduced. - Fixed issues where the previous update did not work correctly. - The PvP Arena event has been activated, you can see the schedules within the game. Update 12/09/2019 - Added a flag next to the Staff to know what languages they speak. - Added how long the gloves last. - Fixed the problem of collecting items in party. - Added a notification when you finish a domain. - Bonuses of base mounts have been improved. - The level of the shaman has been added to the itemdesc. - A button has been added to the switcher to remove items. - Now the dungeons give points and there is a record of how many you have done. (Coming soon PvM ranking of dungeons) - Fixed issue with location scroll. - Now you can kill 3 ignitors in Purgatory. - The monkey NPC has been added at the start as well. - Now it is not necessary to open the missions to start counting. (For clueless) - The probability of obtaining average has been increased. - The drop in book boxes has been increased.
  4. You are going to kill the same monsters with quest than without quest. You are going to tell me that to level up you do not have to kill monsters, it is simply a guide and it also gives you additional help to complete it. Kill 25 wasps omg so hard. I can understand other points of view about linearity, but what you say is stupid
  5. After reading in several forums that the difficulty is hard, the truth is that I was a little impressed. Because there are already several at the current maximum level. That it is newstyle does not mean killing a monster and climbing to the maximum, it may be my fault for not clarifying it well. Anyway we have set permanent rates: 40% exp, 60% drop, 100% yang. Updates 09/09/2019: - Update of several sectors of the web. - Fixed some problems with item names. - Increased the duration of auras up to 2 hours, with the exception of shaman. - Now when attacking bosses and semi-bosses you don't push them. - Corrected the magic damage of difference between the normal sword and that of sura. - Fixed problem with dragon event. - Fixed problem with dungeons. - Now to create a guild you need to be level 50, and 500kk of yang. - There are now permanent rates 40% exp, 60% drop, 100% yang. - Now you pick up the item from the floor automatically by default. PD: We keep improving the game, this is just the beginning, there is still a lot to show. About user online, i understand that you usually to watch 1000 online the first day, every time that is more difficult, many of you will already know because, anyway we are going to keep trying to reach as many people as possible. Regards Don't worry about it, i did all systems so do not worry about me. I think it is simple, select skill, use the pvm equip, and level up. This is the main of all. If you have anyquestion you can ask me, or any suggestion. Regards
  6. Hi! There is only 1 day left until the official opening !!! And we have prepared an update! - The locations of the metins and bosses have been added to the large map to know where you can find them. - The text and color of the damage have been changed: -- Penetration -> Green -- Critical-> Blue -- Penetration + Critical -> Purple - Level colors, yang and enemies have been changed. (Depending on the level, amount of yang, level difference between monsters) - 2 pets and 2 special mounts have been added, which can be achieved by playing a series of cores on the PvM and Dungeon maps. - Added several crafts (F5) - Fixed some issues with config.exe and the in-game configuration. - An extractor has been added in the general shop, to remove only the last stone. - The improvement of all stones has been changed, now asks for stone dust to be improved. (Which can be obtained by recycling any stone in alchemist) - Several items have been added to the safebox. - The drop of all dungeons has been retouched, to make it easier to obtain pets from these dungeons. - Fixed problems with Meley. - Added several translations of several languages. - An Exp ring and PvP bonus changes have been added in the PvP store. - The problems with the Shaman Support have been corrected. - Added an item to reset the horse's abilities and another book to improve those skills. - You can now upgrade the horse's ability to class. (F5) - The difficulty of the first 2 maps has been changed. - The drop of books, stones and bonus changes has been changed. (To one that is more progressive) - New Kingdoms event where you have to defend your city from a dragon, the first kingdom to defeat it will get a better reward. (An Exp ring, the second one too but worse) - Fixed a problem with some notices at the beginning of the adventure. - Added a new type of items (for exp rings), which if you exceed the base level you will not be able to use it. - Added a location scroll, which has infinite uses but you can only save one position and PvM maps. - The probability of obtaining a good average has been slightly increased. - Internal code optimization. - Equipment -- Now the equipment has some resistance bonus for each PvM map, which will help you to endure more on that map. -- Now you start the adventure with 7 elementary rings, which will each grant you an elementary bonus to harm certain monsters. -- Mineral and refined added. -- 6/7 Elemental bonuses working - Dungeons -- A new level 60 dungeon (Baroness) has been added. -- Now the equipment to evolve you need items from the dungeons. -- Each dungeon now has a necessary key to enter, which can be obtained from PvM maps. -- Added a drop to improve the elementary rings. - PvP -- Race by race, and skill by skill has been revised to be as level as possible. -- Added training dolls to the PvP map -- Fixed the sixth abilities of the warrior and assassin. -- PvP events have been deactivated for a while by the official start. -- Locked potions on PvP maps.
  7. New Desings!! New Website: [Hidden Content] New Forum: [Hidden Content]forum/index.php Regards.
  8. Reavaliado por: @'ŞŦŘƗƗҜ€Ř' Data: 3 de Janeiro de 2020 Estado: Online I come to present a project in which I have been working for a long time and which has a base worked for 5 years (Angel2) The official starts will be September, 7/2019 at 20:00:00 GTM +1: [Hidden Content] If you want to see the 'interactive' presentation: PRESENTATION Register: [Hidden Content]registro Downloads: [Hidden Content]descargas In no time I will also upload a video with the presentation of the server.
  9. Hola, eso es un fallo que estará arreglado en una hora