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  1. Hello everyone, today we released a new update to the Live Server. The game is now running on version v1.3! The update has been a long time awaited, we know that. Unfortunately, we are only two guys who are developing the server and that's why our updates always take a while, but we offer you high quality content every time and have done so constantly since the server started. We hope you can forgive us for that! We will continue to feed you with quality updates We've added the Rework of the Orc Maze to the game. We've added the Rework of Nicita's Spores Forest to the game. The Stone Orc (Orc Maze) will now drop 2x Cor Draconis(Raw). Nicita (Nicita's Spores Forest) will now drop 4x Cor Draconis(Raw). We have added a button in the ESC menu to find our Server Presentation. We've added a Icon to the minimap where you can open the Shop System. We've added a Icon to the minimap where you can open the Achievement System. We've added a new Beginner Guide to the game. The Archer Ninja's Fire Arrow has now the chance of ~80% to burn his enemies. We've added many new shinings to the game. We have added the Shining Removal. You can extract your old shinings back into ~80% of the crafting materials. We've added a new Item to reset the cooldown of your biologist quest. This item has a 30 minutes cooldown. Added the permanent Ghost Horse crafting. We've increased the Upgrade Rates until Level 105 by 10-15%. We've added a new quest "Expedition: Enchanted Forest" to the game. We've added a new quest "Expedition: Temple of Ochao" to the game. We've added a new quest "Expedition: Velora Desert" to the game. Added a Blackmarket Alchimist for Ores. He can craft all Ores, but with a lower chance than a Guild Alchimist. Deleted the monsters in the Trynmara Worldboss area. We've added global announcements if you finish a Expedition quest. You can now only feed equipment until Lv70 to your pet. You will now start with 50.000 HP after respawning. We've added a fully new bonus board. Most of the Mounts are now speedy like the Manu. (Ghost Horse, Samsara and Nirvana Dragon and the Sphinx are still slow.) Added the crafting for permanent Dragon Guard hairstyles. Updated the Shining Chest with the new shinings. We've added a few more translations for PT, ES, and TR. We've added the Biologist Time Item and Shining Removal to the itemshop. The time period for Archer's Quiver has been changed from 15 days to 90 days. The Dark Protection skill of the Black Magic Sura got a 10% nerf. We've reworked and increased the Metin spawn locations of all metins in the Velora Desert. The crafting of permanent ores for low and mid-level ores has been simplified. Increased the drop rate of Fish-Bean(Low). We've added the Zander into the Fish Chest. The EXP rate on Guatama Cliff and Thunder Mountains has been increased by 8%. The Damage of Pyraia monsters has been increased by 15%. The damage of the Vile Proud Demonking has been reduced by 8%. The damage of the Blue Dead has been reduced by 5%. Metinstones at Map2 now drop 2 Skillbox Chests. The Legendary Ghost Horse got a visual rework. (now shiny) The EXP rate in Spider Dungeon 1 has been increased by 10%. Reduced the Magical Skill damage of the Kyanite Bracelet from 50 to 40. The Kyanite Bell now have the exact same stats like Kyanite Fan. We've changed the Loot of the Moonlight Treasure Chest. The Skill damage of Paradise Boots has been reduced from 20% to 12%. The drop of Flamestone and Ice Flamestone in Lv113 Dungeons got has been deleted. Changed the Movementspeed bonus of the Beginner Mount to 200 Attack value. Increased the Critial Chance bonus of the Beginner Mount from 5% to 25%. We've reduced the Yang costs for upgrading the Runes in Low and Mid-Level a lot. Changing the Empire will now cost more Yang for High Level player level 105+. Changed the expensive permanent Mount Crafting to the speedy Mounts. Worldboss changes: Increased the magic resistance of both Worldbosses by 2%. Reduced the damage of Blade-Ninja by 3%. Increased the damage of the Dragon shaman by 3%. Increased the damage of the Body Warrior by 4%. Increased the damage of the Weapon Sura by 10%. The general PvP damage of the Body Warrior has been increased by 6%. The general PvP damage of the Weapon Sura has been increased by 6%. Garnaid will now spell his skills again. We have deleted the collision of Garnaid. Fixed a logical bug regarding the lemur tooth's in the quest "Expedition: Guatama Cliff". Fixed the boss spawn location marker on the Mount Sohan map. Fixed the boss spawn location marker on the Fireland map. Fixed a bug which has removed the level restriction from Nemere's Cave. Fixed a bug regarding the permanent aqua marine fan. The permanent Snow Rabbit Hat is now tradable. We've deleted the knockback while hitting Nicita. Fixed a visual bug regarding the Unicorn Seal which were displayed as Black Panther. Fixed the Client performance for laptops.