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  1. Patchnotes (1 May) ➤ DDoS protectios was added. ➤ When you buy items from shop, it will automatically stack. ➤ The notification when you buy something from NPC-Shop was deleted. ➤ In Exchange/Dice you can add items with CTRL+LEFT CLICK ➤ Now the dice window have 12 more slots. ➤ The range of Sura's hit is normal now. ➤ When you revenge/provoke someone on duel, the duel will start with full hp for both players. ➤ Infinite Stamina. ➤ We made changes on PvP( visual ), we hope it will work much better now. ➤ Was added a new inventory for customs / hairstyles and weapon skins ( taste U, but you have a button for it in inventory too. ) ➤ For a week, because of the Easter holidays, Jigsaw Event will be ACTIVE 24/24 ( till 07.05.2021 ) ➤ We removed the DICE EVENT. It will be an active EVENT in some weekends. ( we did this because a lot of players would farm and next would play dice and they would lose the interest for the server, after they would lose on dice. ) - you ll thank us later. ➤ The drop fo MDs at bosses/chests ( events in general ) is DOUBLE now. ( ex : the bosses would drop 10/25 MD, now they drop 20/50 MD. Same case about the chests from easter/jigsaw etc. ) [Hidden Content]
  2. Patchnotes ➤ Toggle Rank On/Off ➤ Hit range increased. ➤ PvP restriction in Farm Map. ➤ Now in v3/Desert/Sohan you can get through players ( not in duel ) ➤ Hairs from General Store are now permanent. ➤ Farm Map fixed ( A boss was spawning wrong ) ➤ We changed the guild war map to the old one. ➤ Fixed some Hairs from general store that didnt work specular on them. ➤ Fixed Oriental Crown on F races. ➤ We added bundle at General Store. You can now make shops. ➤ We added Farm Costumes at Priest. ( You can get them with Magic Log from Red Forest.) ➤ We added exchange for Lucky Seven. ➤ Voice-chat has been delayed because we have encountered some little problems. ➤ The host was changed. ➤ The PvP Restriction in Map Farm now works for everyone. ➤ The bug on mental warrior is now fixed, u wont be thrown with hit anymore. ➤ Added 10% average resistance on titan shield. ➤ Added the old specular on items. (on armors, weapons.) ➤ You can now change the specular on some scarves. ➤ Added PvP Restriction in Red Forest ➤ Added a Quest on the statues ( Shaman/Ninja/Warrior/Sura) to teleport to the PvP event and 2v2 Event. ➤ You cant throw around the bosses from Farm Map anymore. ➤ Rank System was lil bit changed.
  3. Client Download is HERE DOWNLOAD THE OFFICIAL OPENING will happen Today , 20:30 EEST
  4. FULL PRESENTATION VIDEO (GAMEPLAY PREVIEW) (also Subtitles/Closed Captions for International Players who don't understand Romanian )
  5. REGISTER ONLINE You can now create accounts [Hidden Content]