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  1. Patch notes v1.4 Dear community, Following the maintenance on 05.02.2021, the following changes have been made: 1. Items which you buy with Dungeon Coins is permanent now. 2. Was added battle pass which you can buy with 50 Dragon Coins and you must complete the missions. 2.1. You can win: 350 Dragon Coins + a new costume+hair+weapon + other permanent items. ([Hidden Content]) 3. Was added a new dungeon "Hydra", you can find it on "D" button on minimap. 3.1. For Hydra you need to have a group of 5 and "Hydra Ticket" which cost 300 rop2 coins. 3.2. On Hydra Dungeon you need to defence the ship and you can win: custom costume piece / custom hair piece / dragon coins. 3.3. With piece you can buy custom costume and custom hair from Hwa-Hee. ([Hidden Content]) 4. PvP Damage has been reduced, just in general fights.(on 1vs1 and PvM is same damage.) 5. On PvP Maps: Sohan Mount / Desert / Grotto Of Exile / Fight Map, you cant attack other players from other kingdom or with free. You can do just duels. 6. Was added a new system with you can add items fast in trade/storage/item-shop and vice versa with right click on item. ([Hidden Content]) 7. Was added a new system with which you can access npc from distance.(like in dungeon or other map where don't exist npc) ([Hidden Content]) 8. Re-Enter bug in dungeons was solved. 9. Winter map has been removed. 10. Ingame translator with pressed ctrl was solved. 11. Was added ip restriction at Battle Royale. 12. The problem with frequent crashes has been solved. 13. Skill P was added at Hong-Hae npc.
  2. What has changed: 1. New Weapon & Armor evolution. [Hidden Content] 2. Added list only with online Friends/Guild/STAFF. [Hidden Content] 3. Add status with 10+ points. (CTRL+Left click) [Hidden Content] 4. New Mining Event. 5. Custom Rank. [Hidden Content] 6. Calendar Event on Inventory. [Hidden Content] 7. New Hide options. [Hidden Content] 8. New Farm Map [Hidden Content] 9. Now from 1 bonus add you can add 5 bonuses. [Hidden Content] 10. Now you can call on shout every 5 seconds. 11. Full HP to Restart Here in PvP maps (V3, Desert, Mount Sohan, etc.) 12. Search Customized items. [Hidden Content] 13. Stack items up to 1k. 14. New set for farmers. (you can buy it with ROP2 Coins from Hwa-Hee) [Hidden Content] 15. All items made on game will have 30 days. 16. Bonuses have been increased on all items. 17. New emoji system like on whatsapp. [Hidden Content] 18. New items were added on DeathMatch Awards. [Hidden Content] 19. Were added: 1. Tops 1/2/3: Top PvP/Top Damage/Top Battle Royale wins. 2. System ranks on guild wars. [Hidden Content] 20. Were added backpacks & Pets. [Hidden Content] 21. New weapon skins were added in item-shop. [Hidden Content] 22. New icon on MP. [Hidden Content] 23. In Azrael Dungeon, a floor was removed to make it easier. 24. The Guilds Online system has been added. Here is a list of all the online guilds + leaders. [Hidden Content] 25. Titan Shield offers and 10% Resistence Average Damage. 26. Were added Chest Opening system on Gold and Silver Chest. [Hidden Content] 27. Were added Skill Collor based on kills (500 kills each skill): [Hidden Content] 28. New effects were added in item-shop. [Hidden Content] 29. Badge notitication like on discord. 30. New roullete in game. [Hidden Content] 31. Nemere Dungeon was made easier. 32. Was added 5 inventory. 33. New fast Swichbot. [Hidden Content] 34. Were added Catch King Event. 35. On Shaman & Ninja damage vs mobs were increased to farm faster.
  3. Website: [Hidden Content] Board: [Hidden Content] Discord: [Hidden Content]discord/ The server were in mentenance the past few weeks for a total change of the game. I'm so happy to announce you that the server will be oppened on 14 November. What time?: Spain/Hungary/Czech/Italy/France/Poland/Germany - 19:00 Romania - 20:00 Turkey - 21:00 Portugal - 18:00 LAST UPDATE: