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  1. this is why i dont even bother advertising anything on here because of the people who think they know everything on how a server is setup and run when they know nothing now personally i have been making servers for over 10 years way back in the 2089 server days when you had to actually work on them and i run a 40k one now which i do the client and server and everything works too so i wonder if any other those people who love to complain know anything as what is so important on a few pretty picture?????????????? as i bet they would not run one themselves so go and have a cry about me now as i really dont care as i will run mine and dont care if no one uses it as keep me busy
  2. its ok as i have worked out how to modify/make the client source files to work with the client and now i can add the newer emotions etc or anything else to it now like i do within the server source as not to bad for a old 58 who has not training hi hi Granpa123
  3. good evening all from Australia i am looking for the source file for the client from the pandora server or any info related as i have been trying to get it to accept a few things like shinning etc with very limited success because of how the strange way it has been setup as have read that it was made from the files as i would like to add some things to the client but without it is impossible i would think as i have a limited knowledge of this structure so any info about this would be great and help this old man who has a basic understanding of this as dont want to start it all again with another system Granpa123
  4. Due to the lack of interest and people who only stay for 4 minutes (as how can anyone get anything) i have decided that i will do it for myself and friends that wish to play it as it seems that gamers now want everything handed to them (or buying) and dont like to have to go and find them or work for them so i will keep finding stuff to add (like the new shop system) and making my own maps or changing them and will keep making maps like maze fishing or quest maps or whatever i decide to make as i will even get some from a excellent map etc we all now too so it looks like the totally free server is just for me now Granpa123
  5. hello all your Granpa123 back again with the news he has re-vamped his totally free server (from 2011-2013) to the latest server with a lot of the newer stuff added and add some the older maps items etc too Instead of a item mall it has a item mall map where you can buy things with the money you make playing game This is not a easy game as it is just a game where you have to earn what you want so better i think he has added over 50 maps approx and even some of the latest items,weapons and sundries he has also made a small but interesting maze map (Map of Mandrakas) for level 10 and above But remember seeing it is totally free it is place in a area that may cause a few problems from time to time but remember it is totally free to play You may ask why has he done this as he just can as he does the server and client plus he enjoys the game (playing it since 2008) Don't forget to read the Rules Here is a few pictures of what is in store Some of the Weapons Armour Hats Hair Owner ......... [SA]Bob Website ........Http://
  6. And of course you could do better......... well i would not worry about it to much as seeing that no one wants to see if the free server is any good even though i add all the latest maps and items etc i can find and even added maps etc you wont find on main servers either i have decided that next week i will turn of the website and just use it for my own pleasure as i add new stuff when i find it just had a thought to maybe the newer gamer dont like having to work for there items as buying is easier for them so have a nice day
  7. the server is online all the time including the crappy website i built along time ago as it is all tested and working and added new stuff like maps mobs and weapons as some are the latest ones i have found from the Good Fellows yard so its there and waiting for players as usually very quite
  8. I guess calling a a Oldschool server is a little wrong as it has bits from all versions seeing that the way i have decided to make my server is a little different than all the others that are around these days where i have everything free but all you have to do is go and find them or go to the "Item Mall Map" where you can buy them with the yang you make on server also seeing i have decided not to add certain things like the button that give you permanent NO EXP and others which i did on purpose but if you had bothered to to look around you would find i have such a device that does that no exp and had it when i ran the 2013 server so its nothing new as most of the stuff the promote now has been around for years i realize that the younger player now want everything handed to them or buy it as can not make it to hard for them but my server is there and will stay there until i decided other wise it will have problems dropouts and other but what do you want for free as i never said it was perfect but it seems those who play it are happy with it so i an still going to finishing adding the Conquerors of Yohara my version of it so have fun
  9. i have reset the website so all will be good
  10. here is a few things i have added for the Totally Free Server ZycloniusMT2
  11. just for interest i have added more mobs items and now have added 16 maps total
  12. hi all i was asked to let people know what my server does so here it is.... my server is a lvl based system where you get shown things as you get higher in level like most others but where with mine everything i can find and add is already there all you have to do is find where it is as i have no online shop where you have to but it with real money as thats why a "FREE SERVER" as i have a place called "MALL MAP" from where you can start to obtain higher lvl stuff ,find more maps which will appear and allow you to get to when at certain lvl where you obtain access to more maps and items etc but there is also maps and items on the lower maps as well but you will need to find them here is a link to more picture as have given up trying to add the as i just cant seem to so given up [Hidden Content] let me know what ya think even if its a bad,nasty one as i don't mind [SA]Bob
  13. fixed and tested and working now but watch out for Captcha: hint....... follow it with correct number of characters ( 8-16 Characters ( a-Z,0-9 ) ) and all will be good good luck
  14. hello all Server will start on the 27-09-20 at 00.00gmt this is a English only server as i havent bother adding other well some of you mite remember that i used to run a server way back in 2012-13 which was a free server (meaning you pay nothing for anything) well i have buitt a New Totally free server in the latest 40 style which means that i have place stuff everywhere and all you have to do is go level up and find it as you level higher and higher also NPC will show you what they have when you get to a certain lvl too i have added many old and new items,npc and maps for you to find and use THE ONE AND ONLY RULE i have is......... Just Remember seeing this is a totally free server i will not tolerate any cheats,bots or anything else Even if i take a dislike to you and attitude about my rulings So be warned as you will have your account delete and banned without warning or discussion My decision will be final and that will be the end of it........... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED so if you want to play here go right a head and if you dont like my rules go play somewhere else your chioce there is no pretty bells and whistles here and its just for enjoyment also seeing its a totally free server its not a easy one so join if you want ....... if you don't i dont care either Granpa123 ...... [SA}Bob....... Server homepage at ......[Hidden Content] [Hidden Content][