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  1. well actually you dont need a different router or change anything within what you have as i have successfully converted mine to english , added weapons,icon,items and maps as i dont think that the 40k files are that bad as what i have read about as i have found modifying the server to do what ever i want and i have my version of this setup working and people can connect to via a old adsl2 system as well as fibre also modifying the client was also quite easy after understanding it so like what used to be Metin2pandora i changed to Metin2start (as example) Granpa123
  2. may no one wants to help or maybe doesn't know how to do just thought i would let you all know that this 56 year old man has been able to modify ,compile and make the files within the files to do whatever i need it to do like add maps etc as now i can access it via the internet etc but still have a few very small problems to sort out so all good seeing i am not a computer nerd...... for interest it all runs on a 12 year old computer which runs winxp 64 2003 and virtualbox 4.3.8 Granpa123
  3. hello all i am wondering if anyone has been able to get the pandora server files working accessing by the internet as from what i can see it will connect via it until you access the game also has anyone had success with the source file too as i can do most thing with it like add maps mods items etc change stats etc but it seems to be set just for a local access setup like a lan protocol which would be fine for a dedicated network setup not virtualbot to internet........ so any info would be great thanks Granpa123
  4. is there a fix for these files that when trying to connect to the server remotely to stop being kicked after selecting your character as i have found a few fixes but nothing seems related to these files also what files and where located in client or server would also help any help gratefully received Granpa123 (who is actually old)
  5. hi all i have been trying to connect to my server located at my home location though my internet without connecting to the game itself what the client does is that it connects to the login screen and will let you make a character etc but when you try to connect to the game part itself it will take you back to the first pick a channel screen as what it does is instead of sending the sync pulse/request via the internet it tries to send it via the local network seen this via cports now from what i think as been about 5 years i think you have to change a file in the uiscript section and maybe there ones too seems to happen on either the old or newer 40k clients any help with file name etc gratefully received granpa123
  6. hello all well after 7 years (2013) away from running a private server for metin2 i was asked if i could setup one again but how things have changed as seems alot has changed as theres a new style of server (40k style) and a new client as what i used and have was the older 2089 version with a modded US version client which all still work and i can add most new things too which i have done by myself etc as i have tried a few times to add the 40k game files to a freebsd source but keep failing and not sure why maybe its just being out for so long or not in the computer generation (as lets say im over 50 !!!!) and was looking to obtain a clean or whatever VDI version and go from there as i have noticed the new 40k version client wont work on 2089 server as well but maybe it will as mite fix it lol Granpa123