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  1. Dear Community, We have decided to migrate, which means that the server will open tomorrow at (16:00 GTM +1) We will have everything fixed and no lags will disturb you anymore. People who topped up DC will receive a compensation of 40% from us. Each of you will receive a costume for 3 days. Thank you for your understanding. Best regards, The Assendra Team
  2. !!!IMPORTANT IMPORTANT!!! Huge Giveaway starting today!! To celebrate the new year we have entered, and our soon to be officially opened new server - Assendra -, we would like to announce our first giveaway! You can see it as a late Christmas present from our side, and a boost to you when we on the 17th of January open the doors to our project. We will be having 3 different giveaways running at the same time till 15.01.2020 at 23.59 By completing the following steps, you will automatically be entered into the giveaway. 1. Discord giveaway We are also handing out 25€ in coins to 10 lucky winners on Discord. Join our discord - go to the rules - read the rules - react on the file with a green checkmark. [Hidden Content] Congratulations, you have officially now entered our Discord giveaway! 2. Assendra Forum giveaway Last but not least, we hand out 25€ in coins to 10 more lucky winners on our forum. All you have to do is go register on our forum and go on the thread posted below. just start a new topic and tell us your playername, your kingdom and why you are waiting for Assendra. [Hidden Content] Congratulations, you have officially now entered our Forum giveaway! All winners of all 2 giveaways will be chosen and contacted privately during the 16th of January. However, before you begin to participate, please read our conditions: You are only allowed to enter once per giveaway per participant. Creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden and will not raise your chances of winning. We will be checking. Come join us and enter our giveaways for a chance to win free coins from the start! We will be waiting for you. Best Regards, The Assendra Team
  3. Assendra Home Assendra Board Assendra Discord Server starts at 17 January 2020. The presentation will be constantly changed. Join the Discord to take part in the giveaway!