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  1. The Ring of Will Power Use his strength and push your farming limits. - Strong against Monsters +5% - Critical Power Boost +10% - HP Absorb +5% Available in 3 variants: 7 days -> 100DC 15 days -> 200DC 30 days -> 350DC (non tradable) P.s.: The prices are thought so any one can use the 7 days version with only a Voucher (200k more or less). [Hidden Content]
  2. Our ItemShop has some surprises for you. Do you want to look fancy or you only want to buy a new spicy dress for your mage? You want maybe to improve your damage or to simply have a cute puppy ? We have everything for you. But this is not it! After you buy the fancy dress start making screenshots! The Art of Screenshot Contest gives you the chance to win some juicy rewards. 1st Place - 300 Dragon Coins 2nd Place - 250 Dragon Coins 3rd Place - 150 Dragon Coins More details on the link below: The Art of Screenshots - "Valentine's Day"
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue... uh... your crush doesn't love you... but... we do(?) ... uh.. sometimes. Valentine's Day is approaching, ladies and gentlemen, and we are here to guarantee you are not alone on this occasion! You may not have a date with your lover, but you do have one with WoM2! And if you do have a date already... cancel it, this one's way better, and lasts longer if you know what I mean. :frog-poggers: From the 13th to the 16th of February you will be able to enjoy this special event we are glad to present you. Love is in the air this year, and even the citizens of Johwa City are sharing the lovely spirit of Valentine's Day! Enjoy the beautiful landscape and atmosphere along with your partner or simply go and kill those who are enjoying it in front of you! Dress for the occasion! Do you really expect to attract anybody with those stinky sweatpants you use on your daily basis? Our Item-Mall will be offering Valentine's outfits for a short period of time, don't lose your opportunity and get one for yourself and why not? For your lover as well! All the Metin Stones in the neutral zones of the Johwan Continent have turned into chocolate! Don't try to eat them though, they are still stones! Break them and grab all the leftover Chocolate they drop in the ground... But careful! A sweet Chocolate Creature lurks around them! Face the Monster of Infidelity! It will spawn around the Neutral Areas of the game world. This creature, despite its fancy and catchy look, tends to attract and cheat on the ones attracted by its charm. Don't be the victim! Don't let your guard down! It attacks when you do! Instead... steal all the Roses he has, it's his weapon, after all! Why gather Chocolate and Roses? You may ask... Hong-Hae has the answer you need! Collecting enough of them will allow you to craft a special scroll, which is said to have an adorable power sealed within it! Said item can... Spawn a Bear of Love! Use the weapons she provides you to break through the Bear of Love! The damage given by them is constant due to its essence, but the rewards can be wonderful! Aren't these adorable? Can you envision owning one of them? Or... even better! Gifting to somebody you love! Not only available in the Item-Mall but also acquirable from the Bear of Love, just... just... imagine... As usual, the Lady in Purple arrives to Johwa City again and... she is single! Wait, that's not exactly what I wanted to say, uh... Yeah, don't tell her I told you, shhh... Anyway, she will be available to sell you goodies for your farming session, pay her a visit! Wish you a lovely event, The WoM Team.