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  1. Update 3.3! Dear Creature Metin 2 players we want to present you our new leveling map! We're trying to make it easier for the players 50-90! Creature Metin2 Team wishes you happy lvling!
  2. Update 3.2! Dear Creature Metin 2 players we want to present you our new helmets in our new update, you can now make your epic helmet with double half humans! 80 level helmets can be upgraded now to 100 level helmets wtih remaining bonuses that you have plus at +9 you will get 10% half humans and 15% block! Regards Creature Metin2 Team!
  3. Happy Easter! Dear players our Easter event is now on, Easter Metin stones can be found in grotto1 and grotto2! You can Drop the Magic Egg to open and a lot of amazing stuffs!
  4. In update v2.3 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Removed Skill Resistance from some Costumes Fixed Tourmaline Necklace. Incerased Drop rate of Blessing Scrool. Incerased drop Quantity of Reading Chest. Added 54lvl accesories in Armor Shop Dealer. Fixed Blue Dragon Room. And some other game changes. Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  5. In update v2.2 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Fixed CH2 and CH3. Some PvP Balances. Incerased beta map's boss drops. Improved Upgrade System. Incerased Ice Witch drop. Added new translations. OX Event rewards changed! Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  6. In update v2.1 we have the next updates: CHANGES: Fixed Defence chance against claws+%. Balanced prices at NPC's with Yang drop. Improved upgrade for high level items. Reduced Razador's power. Added Concentrated Reading in General Store. Added and Corrected descriptions of some items. New Carnival Event Started! Greetings, Creature Metin2 Team
  7. Creature Metin2 is an international Old-Middleschool pvm - pvp server Server was started at 29.10.2017 um 22:00 Uhr All ITEMSHOP items can be obtained ingame! Here Are the presentation !