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  1. Autor: Hades [Proiect] Înger vs Demon. [System] Multi Kill - Efecte & Sunete.
  2. [Angel vs Demon ] - Server Structure - Youtube Presentation. [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi to everyone ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm Hades and today i will show you my Own - [Angel vs Demon] - [PROJECT]. [Angel vs Demon] - [PROJECT] is ready for sell. That Server was online just in BETA Test. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /// Server Language : English. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server comes with : - Game & DB - [Source] - Game & DB - Client with a new structure. - [Source] Client / Binary - Defined a DEV Structure to work on server. - [Source] Dump Proto. - HomePage - Item-Shop premium version. - Autopatcher - Web + Client. - [PSD] Design - Autopatcher. - HackShield - Client + Web Page. - [Source] - Hackshield - [PSD] Server Presentation. - [Angel vs Demon] - [Server Tools]. /// Full Arhive Preview : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Angel vs Demon] - Server Presentation - PhotoShop : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Angel vs Demon] - Autopatcher Design - PhotoShop : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Hades] - Server Features after the BETA - PhotoShop Presentation : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Price : 200E Payment Method : Paypal / Bank Tranfer. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact : - Skype : gurzau_ionutz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I decided to sell this PROJECT, because i don't have time to open alone a server... and i don't want my Project to be reselled by that "Jonas" and his usseless "TEH", with incompleted files, unknown server problems. If you don't want to buy that server, it's ok, but just take care of "Jonas" / "Ronson"... xD --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people know this guy "Jonas Rettig" and his "TEH" - "Ronson", who don't know to make a server drop. BETA Server was open with them. "Jonas" gave access to several of his friends. And "Ronson" has made a backup. "Jonas" and "Ronson" first time when they tried to do something... was a crashcore. I was working on this server to solve problems... without to put the source on host. They don't know what's a Source... After a few quarrels, "Jonas" decid to sell server. Here you have some Printscreens :) "Jonas" on Facebook. "Ronson" on Skype. /// I'm not sure if someone it's so "nub" to buy a PROJECT without Sources / Tools / 0 Support. /// "Jonas" is always searching for a "TEH". Don't work with him and "Ronson". That's All Story. /// "Jonas" tried to sell the PROJECT from long time ago. Incompleted, but he does not care. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- After that server received some new updates from beta.----------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- /// For more details about this server, contact me on skype.
  4. Price fixed. All updates are done. Files are without homepage & item-shop. For more details contact me on skype : gurzau_ionutz.
  5. Price for first version now is 115E. The second version isn't ready for sell. I will think about a price for the version of new features. I will told you the price when the latest version is uploaded. Here are the new server updates. Service.h from Server Source: Locale_inc.h from Binary Source:
  6. Hi to everyone. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Today i want to share with you my own Updated Version of the Royal Metin2. This version comes with a lot of changes. The server was translated full in enlgish language. Interface images was translated too with some little changes. The quests are translated too, a lot of them was updated. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think it's possible to be the last update, because i'm busy with my own project. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youtube Presentation: [Hidden Content] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little Presentation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of people ask me for a version without viruses and bugs solved. In this version the bugs / turkey backdoors or commands / some crash cores was solved. Some new features was added. If you are interested about this server, please read the full topic. For more details you can contact my on Skype. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's the new features of this version ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Who cares? I make design just for fun. Models are better ?
  8. hades1997

    [SELL] New Characters.

    At first, I would like to wish you happy holidays. As the holidays I decided to sell a few characters, witch you can use as NPC or Mobs, everyone as he want. - Characters include effects / animations. ╔════════════.♥.═══╗ -> Skype : gurzau_ionutz ╚══════.♥.═════════╝ 1) [Hidden Content] -> Animations: - 2x Attack. - 2x Wait. - 1x Dead. - 1x Run. 2) [Hidden Content] -> Animations: - 2x Attack. - 2x Wait. - 1x Dead. - 1x Run. 3) [Hidden Content] -> Animations: - 2x Attack. - 2x Wait. - 1x Dead. - 1x Run. 4) [Hidden Content] -> Animations: - 2x Attack. - 2x Wait. - 1x Dead. - 1x Run. - 1x Dance. - 1x Dmg. 5) [Hidden Content] -> Animations: - 6x Wait. - 1x Dead. - 1x Run.
  9. The price for Server Files + Source is 15E Paypal. [Hidden Content] I am only who sell this Source. Skype : gurzau_ionutz