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  1. Os Registos e o Download já estão disponiveis. [Hidden Content]
  2. A Abertura foi adiada pessoal. "Dear Mysarians, in the last days everything was tested again with high pressure, we had to find out that our bot protection does not function reliably enough. In order to be able to work on this effectively, we need 1 day more time and are therefore forced to delay the server start by 1 day. The new server start is thus on Saturday, 21st of July 2018. Let us now move on to the positive: As compensation we have already prepared something special. Together with the streamer "DerDickeTürke" we will be raffling a dungeon. What is intended by this is easily explained. The winner will be able to design a dungeon with his friends or guild and our development team according to his ideas (but within the bounds of possibility). The corresponding map and tasks are conceptualised together with the lucky one and developed according to his ideas. With kind regards the Mysaru Team" [Hidden Content]
  3. Antes de mais obrigado pelo prémio! 😛 Deixo a baixo os dados: -Reino: Shinsoo -Personagem: ImpacTz Qualquer coisa manda MP 🙂
  4. No que é que esse discord se destaca dos outros?
  5. Experimenta meter o cantinho das sopas por cima da tigela
  6. Oi @Karbust™ # PT e @Francisco Afonso, é disto que falam? [Hidden Content] EDIT: A minha net é uma a dar a upload: [Hidden Content] EDIT 2: (download link) Aqui tens: [Hidden Content]
  7. #LB FaBio

    #2 Give Away Do Devil

    Deixei o meu upvote mas não vou participar pois já tenho o jogo :) Parabéns pelo giveaway e que venham mais destes :D
  8. Fiquei surpreendido com o facto de o meterem FREE, agora pessoas como nos que pagamos pelo jogo recebemos estar rewards de
  9. "H1Z1, which which left Early Access just over a week ago and added a cars-only battle royale mode called Auto Royale has made another sharp turn in its already twisty-turny development path. At 10 am Pacific today, Daybreak's battle royale shooter will be become a free-to-play game. Of course, millions of players purchased H1Z1 during its stint in Early Access, and if you're one of them, there's a reward: "To thank all of our loyal players who helped make awesome, game-changing decisions during our time in Early Access, we'll be rewarding everyone who already purchased the game with the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack”, containing the following items: Gasrunner Hoodie Bloom Survivor T-Shirt Splinter Camo ARV 10 Victory Crates 10,000 Skulls To support H1Z1's new free-to-play model, there are naturally new purchasable DLC bundles being added, which can be bought for $20, $50, or $100 and which contain various skins, crates, and Skulls (H1Z1's in-game currency). This is the latest twist in an already twisted history. If you recall, H1Z1 was originally conceived as a free-to-play title, back when Daybreak was Sony Online Entertainment and back when H1Z1 was an Early Access multiplayer survival game. King of the Kill emerged first as a battle royale mode for H1Z1, then split off and became a standalone game, at which point plans for both games being free-to-play titles after Early Access were dropped. Now, in a way, we've come full circle. King of the Kill is now called H1Z1, and you can play it for free." Fonte: [Hidden Content]
  10. Pelo que me recordo desse sistema de lojas offline se o char que tem a loja aberta estiver online o dinheiro é logo transferido para o inventário, só vai parar ao Banco se o char estiver offline.
  11. Desde já queria agradecer ao @morfo2, @p0w3r0ff , @.тιαgσ, ao resto da equipa e todos os que organizaram este excelente giveaway e também o excelente contributo que são para esta comunidade. Quero também desejar um feliz natal para toda a comunidade e que a Cyber-Gamers continue a crescer! Mais uma vez Feliz Natal COMUNIDADE!
  12. Por mais 3€ consegue ter uma gráfica no "minimo" de jeito para poder ver videos no YT, Filmes etc 1080p certo?